The Secret Behind our Pizza!

Every pizza has a specialty, and some can just put the “Wow!” in our mouths. I remember having a wood-fired pizza at a party with a BBQ sauce. Extremely savory that made me go back for seconds.
Who says pizza is unhealthy? Given the right ingredients and the right types of equipment, a pizza can be as healthy as a salad.
A wood-fired pizza is made in a wood-fired oven. Pizza in a wood-fired oven is healthy, delicious and appetizing. When the pizza is heated over an open flame, it cooks the fruit and vegetable topping faster and helps them maintain their nutrients and antioxidants. Wood-fired pizza distributes the heat evenly, so you’re not consuming half-cooked slices. Every part is cooked to perfection.
The Smoky flavor that wood-fired pizzas have can’t be recreated in an oven.

We at Pietza Pizza believe in authenticity, tradition and serving our customers with the best. Our pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven for the original and smoky taste. We bake healthy, delicious and appetizing pizzas for our customers. A pizza baked to perfection over the oven flame. From dough to pizza, we work on perfection and heavenly taste along with caring for your health. We slow bake your pizza to not lose the nutrients and to attain the perfect taste.

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